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Past BIM Broadcast Events

Shane Scranton from IrisVR

Shane and Shawn talk about the world of Virtual and Augmented reality in the AEC industry.

Kelly Cone from Clear Edge

Kelly Cone from Clear Edge will be joining Shawn for a discussion on Point Cloud Processing. 3D Laser Scanning is an exciting new-ish technology in the world of BIM, and it has incredibly positive impact when used efficiently. Kelly Cone from ClearEdge3D will discuss topics with Shawn around Construction Verification, As-Built Model Authoring, Cloud Processing and Point Cloud AI. Architectural, Structural and MEP users can all benefit from incorporating 3D Point Clouds into their workflows, and this BIM Broadcast session will discuss topics around that workflow.
Gordon Price from Pragmatic Praxis
Special Guest Gordon Price from Pragmatic Praxis joins Shawn to talk about "Rollouts that fail to suck"
Chris Fredi from Avail
Buck Davis from BIMBOX