Mini-Training, Mon, 1/15, 10am: GIS Data and Civil 3D, Getting them to Play Nice Together

This mini-training will answer the question: How can I use all of this data from our GIS department to assist in the Civil design? This class will cover bringing in a Shapefile or SDF file with the map import command so that GIS data comes in as Lines and Polylines. Next, the class will cover bringing in TIN data and the workflow needed when the elevation field is empty. Finally, we will look at bringing in Survey Data with the new 2018 enhancement pack.

Get more information and register here.

Happy New Years from Your Friends at CTC!

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BIM Broadcast Live Stream, 12/15 at 12PM CT

CTC’s Tech Evangelist and BIM Guru Shawn Zirbes talks with Clive Jordan about the challenges we all face with BIM execution plans, as well as the how we can handle this documentation process in each of our firms in the most streamlined way to date.

LOD Planner is the author of an exciting toolset that will help companies of all sizes document their BIM Execution Plan, and establish standardized Level of Development (LOD).
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