BIM 360 Webinar Series

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BIM 360 is a powerful suite of products that has uses throughout the project lifecycle. BIM 360 improves construction project delivery by supporting informed decision-making throughout the project lifecycle. From design collaboration, documentation and reviews, to pre-construction, and through quality and safety and operations, BIM 360 connects the people, data and workflows on projects. Users can see the big picture and keep projects on track.

To showcase just how powerful and dynamic BIM 360 is we have created a webinar series that walks attendees through the different applications and highlights the integrations with partners that are available.

  • BIM 360 Next Generation: Thurs, July 12, 10:15-10:45 AM
    • BIM 360 Next Generation provides a common data platform that connects data, processes, and workflows throughout the lifecycle of a project. From design to preconstruction to field execution, you’ll have access to the same information that can be accessed based on permissions. During this webinar, we will do an overview of each of the products and modules that are available in the new centralized BIM 360 platform.

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  • BIM From Point A to Point B: Wed, August 1st, 11:15-11:45am
    • Over the last couple of years, new technology has found ways to allow us to take advantage of the bundles of information provided through BIM. This webinar will showcase a few that will enhance areas of the construction process. Using products like Revit, Point layout, and BIM 360 Glue and BIM 360 Layout will give contractors the ability to map out areas on the job site that need to be dug up, or where various items need to be installed

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