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P & ID to Revit Worfklow

P & ID Image
Let’s face it, transferring schematic P&ID designs into Revit is a time consuming and a very hands on process that is cursed with data entry mistakes. Now, with Autodesk bringing P&ID into the AEC Collection Suite, life has forever changed. By bringing it into the collection and developing a workflow, Autodesk now allows users to exchange data with Revit through the Cloud shaving significant time off the old process and it also allows piping designers the ability to take advantage of intelligent schematic designs. In this lab, we will set up an Autodesk P&ID project using the Project Manager to ensure proper data transfer and then complete a simple P&ID. Next, we will review the data and round trip it using an export, amend and import process. This will set up each attendee with the basic knowledge of exchanging Autodesk P&ID data with Plant 3D, Revit and Excel. Finally, we will validate the data using the built-in tools of Autodesk P&ID. Sprinkled throughout this lab will be explanations of the folder structure created by the Project Manager, how to properly exchange files so the data is not lost, what is the ProjectSymbolStyles.dwg, and that pesky Project.xml file that controls everything. We will also pull back the curtain to expose how your client or company’s specific data can be added to Autodesk P&ID through the use of properties. If you have never explored Autodesk P&ID, or you have just used it once or twice and want to become more efficient, this is the lab for you.

Re-Writing a BIM Manual – Knowing What I Know Now

This will be an open forum discussion, moderated by CTC's Brianna Ladd & Jon Atkinson. The intended audience is BIM Managers or those in similar roles. Discussion will focus on successes, failures, suggestions, frustrations and more, had while implementing a BIM manual into their company. This discussion offers the opportunity to offer advice, and hear others’ advice. It is a “this is what I have learned” mentality and “pay it forward” to others.

Review Your Project in Virtual Reality

With the changes to the AEC Collection, Autodesk has made it easier than ever to review you project in VR. Revit Live is as simple as clicking a button, and getting into a real-time rendering engine is as simple as extracting a folder. However, this is where the line starts blur between the technical and artistic Autodesk users. Attend this class to see worlds collide in an exciting attempt to reach new heights in a virtual world.

Essential to Advanced Lookup Tables for Non-MEP Users

You know your type catalogs, but do you know lookup tables? They are so powerful, that you shouldn’t ignore their potential in your content library. Join us as we learn the ins and outs of Lookup Tables for use in Architectural and Structural content libraries.