WEBINAR THURS, JULY 5, 11AM: V-Ray 3.7 for Revit – The Complete Workflow

Live geometry changes in V-Ray 3.7 for Revit are more than enough to add a rocket boost to the productivity of your Revit-based design process. Along with Ana, you will be using the streamlined interface to start rendering straight within Revit. Continue observing any change you make within your project and render it out right away. Learn how to best use the functionalities offered in the V-Ray Frame Buffer (VFB), generate and share assets from within Revit to other users/platforms and explore the vast amount of material options brought to your Revit renders with V-Ray. Witness a dramatic scene manageability effect when using V-Ray Proxies and create V-Ray Proxies yourself, using V-Ray’s built in tools.

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