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3D modeling and rendering tools

Produce professional-quality 3D animations, renders, and models with 3ds Max® software. An efficient toolset helps you create better 3D content in less time.

  • Easy & Powerful Modeling
    With tools to help shape and define, 3ds Max is modeling software for artists looking to create a range of environments and detailed characters.
  • Stunning Rendering
    3ds Max works with most major renderers, such as V-Ray, Iray, and mental ray, to create high-end scenes and striking visuals for design visualization and more.
  • Top-Tier Animation Software
    3ds Max is used by top-tier animation and design firms to create imaginative characters and realistic scenes in games and architecture.
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Precision, Productivity; Real Parts & Functional Prototypes

Our 3D printers generate functional precision plastic, elastomeric and multi-material composite parts that are ideal for functional prototyping, rapid tooling, and many other applications, right from your office.

  • ProJet 660Pro
    This range of printers gives anyone with a need for color the flexibility to prototype anything in the exact colors you had specified, and are safe, office friendly, and easy-to-use.
  • ProJet 5500XThe ProJet 5500X simultaneously prints and fuses together flexible and rigid material composites layer by layer at the pixel level in a variety of colors and shades including opaque, clear, black or white and numerous shades of gray.
  • ProJet 3510 SD
    The ProJet 3510 SD uses exceptional VisiJet M3 materials to produce high-quality parts ideal for engineering and mechanical design applications.

CAD features for design and documentation

Stay at the forefront of design with AutoCAD® software. Share drawings using simplified documentation tools. Work across connected desktop and mobile with TrustedDWG™ technology.

  • View 2D and 3D Files
    The viewer supports more than 50 2D and 3D design file formats, including those from Autodesk, Solidworks, CATIA, Pro-E, Rhino, and NX.
  • Share Files Easily
    Upload any file to A360, then create a link to share the file by email or chat. A360 supports more than 100 file formats, from 3D models to 2D drawings, PDFs to spreadsheets.
  • Review in Real Time
    Turn your design files into intelligent, shared workspaces with A360. Set up a review session to invite team members and other project stakeholders to comment directly within files.
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Specialized CAD software in a Mac OS X interface

AutoCAD® 2016 for Mac includes 3D design plus 2D drafting software. New integrated features include XREF path mapping, select Express tools, and PDF enhancements.

  • Dynamic blocks
    Add flexibility and intelligence to your block references. You can now insert a block that can change shape, size, or configuration instead of having to insert numerous static blocks.
  • Retina display support
    The Retina display’s high-resolution graphics capabilities for high-definition graphics throughout the user interface, from toolbars and icons to in-canvas line rendering.
  • XREF path management
    You can now map XREF file paths from your Mac to Windows machines, including networked servers.

Streamline Architectural Design and Drafting

Design and document more efficiently with AutoCAD® Architecture software, created specifically for architects.

  • Architectural Renovation
    Design and produce renovations more quickly.
  • Walls, Doors, and Windows
    Draw elements with real-world behavior and construction.
  • Design Documentation
    Create with detail components and keynoting tools.

Create 2D Drawings with Easy-to-use Software

Speed design and collaboration with AutoCAD LT® drafting software for Windows and Mac. Enhanced support is included with your subscription.

  • Document your 2D CAD drawings with precision
    Create 2D CAD drawings with AutoCAD LT® drafting software. Enhanced support is included with your subscription at no extra cost. Explore AutoCAD LT features.
  • Stunning Visual Experience
    See your drawings more clearly
  • Smart Dimensioning
    Create measurements based on your drawing context

Create 2D drawings with easy-to-use software

Speed design and collaboration with AutoCAD LT® drafting software for Mac. Enhanced support is included with your subscription.

  • Work Faster
    Smarter 2D drafting tools minimize repetitive tasks and help you document your ideas more efficiently.
  • Share Your Work
    Collaborate with clients and colleagues and connect your workflow across desktop, cloud and mobile solutions.
  • Work seamlessly
    Maximize compatibility with TrustedDWGTM technology so you can easily share files with other Autodesk® software.

Raster-to-Vector Conversion Software

Raster to vector tools in AutoCAD® Raster Design software can help you convert raster images into DWG™ objects.

  • Timesaving image display features
    Use a wide range of image data with raster-to-vector conversion software. Embed images, insert and export images, and display image subsets with a polygonal mask boundary
  • Raster Entity Manipulation (REM)
    Use standard AutoCAD commands on raster regions and primitives. Easily erase raster images, lines, arcs, and circles.
  • Vectorization tools
    Create lines and polylines from raster images, and convert raster files into vector drawings.
Construction Field Management

BIM 360™ Field is field management software for 2D and 3D environments that combines mobile technologies at the construction site with cloud-based collaboration and reporting.

  • Promote safety
    Streamline job site inspections and help reduce injuries and safety risk by providing more consistent, accurate, and auditable procedures. Field inspectors, safety directors, and executives can proactively manage.
  • Improve commissioning & handover process
    More effectively streamline the commissioning process by collecting equipment and component detail in the field on your iPad.
  • Manage field performance
    BIM 360 Field provides a web-based reporting platform for all your field management activities. Turn field data into powerful information to help you manage quality and safety within your projects and company.
BIM Management

BIM 360™ Glue® is a cloud-based BIM management and collaboration product that connects your project and streamlines workflows from pre-construction through construction execution.

  • The evolution of construction layout
    Make construction layout tasks more efficient with the Layout feature and the BIM 360 Layout iPad app.
  • Design tool integration
    Supports more than 50 file formats and round-trip BIM workflows in key Autodesk design tools.
  • Navisworks integration
    Cloud-connected workflows for BIM coordination, collaboration, and analysis.

BIM Data Suite makes it easy to extract project data to Microsoft SQL Server or XML

BIM Data Suite allows your team to create a myriad of reports or to integrate Revit data into your other systems.

  • Common Challenges
    Getting data from a Revit project into other software, storing Revit project data as the project changes over time and consolidating data from multiple Revit projects.
  • Solution – Extract Data in Neutral Formats
    Extract project data to Microsoft SQL Server, extract project data to XML fles and extract project data to CTC Model Compare files
  • Source of ROI – Return on Investment Realized
    Your SQL team can easily integrate Revit data into your other in-house systems and your team can generate reports from the data exported
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A Content Management Solution

BIMList provides the ability to sort, search and manage your families, detail libraries and system families more effectively.

  • Gather the Data
    Families added to BIMList are parsed for metadata. That data gets stored in the database and is used for search queries.
  • Simple Search
    When a search is executed the list of families and their types will be filtered to show only the results matching the search criteria.
  • In Project Content
    Content from the active project can also be displayed in the BIMList interface by turning on the “Display In-Project Content” option.

Tools for BIM Project Suite automate routine tasks, manage large numbers of content files, generate database information

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  • A Content Management Solution
    BIMList™ provides the ability to sort, search and manage your families, detail libraries and system families more effectively.
  • Save Time By Automating
    Automates the process of linking AutoCAD DWG details for use in the Revit project environment.
  • Easily Create and Manage Views
    This Revit add-in enables users to quickly and consistently create views in their projects.
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Mobile facilities asset management software

Autodesk Building Ops is a mobile-first asset and maintenance management solution that enables general contractors and building owners to realize the value of BIM in building operations.

  • BIM-enabled asset data
    Extend the BIM lifecycle to the building operations phase.
  • Data where you need itGive your mobile teams the ability to directly access and update asset information.
  • Modern design
    Improve your building’s performance and operations with better insight.

Casework Configurator allows you to reduce management of content.

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  • Common Challenges
    Casework libraries create out-of-box and download content limited in flexibility and choosing between quality and detail vs size and performance
  • Solution – Casework Configurator
    Generate dozens of ready-to-use assemblies, quick selection from a variety of sizes, and configured casework directly using the interface into the project for later use
  • Source of ROI – Return on Investment Realized
    Reduce management of content, increased accuracy and error reduction emphasized by pre-created, standardized casework families.
Computational Fluid Dynamics Software

Autodesk® CFD software provides computational fluid dynamics and thermal simulation tools to predict product performance, optimize designs, and validate product behavior.

  • Thermal prototyping
    Solve for all modes of heat transfer from solid to solid or solid to fluid.
  • Architectural and MEP tools
    Use CFD and thermal modeling tools for architectural and MEP applications.
  • Industrial flow control
    Optimize designs when you need to improve pressure drop or flow distribution.
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Energy modeling for building performance

Energy Analysis for Revit® software is a cloud-based energy simulation service powered by Green Building Studio that supports sustainable design.

  • Energy analytical model creation
    The energy analytical model feature in Revit building design software provides tools for fast, flexible creation of models for energy simulation.
  • Whole building energy analysis results
    Get whole building energy analysis results within Revit, powered by Green Building Studio cloud-based energy analysis service.
  • Easy-to-use analysis settings
    Energy Analysis for Revit uses simple, logical analysis settings that scale with learning and design information.

High-end Tools For Visual FX Finishing

View images and videos of Flame® software for 3D compositing, visual fx, and editorial finishing. Get the tools you need in an integrated creative environment.

  • Context-based Flame Desktop workflow
    Choose select toolsets for faster task completion.
  • Lightbox and Matchbox Action tools
    Use new look development and color management tools.
  • Faster conforming
    Create multilayer timelines with conform more quickly.

Expand 3D Digital Compositing Capabilities

View Flare™ expand your digital compositing capabilities. Includes tools for 3D compositing, tracking, text, masking, keying, and relighting.

  • Expanded creative capacity
    Flare fits into your existing Flame process.
  • More digital compositing power
    Access more tools, more process options.
  • Collaboration tools
    Multiple artists can work within the same project.

Architectural modeling for tablet, web, and Windows

With FormIt® 360 architectural modeling software, architects can sketch, collaborate, analyze, and revise early-stage design concepts. Work smarter from the beginning with BIM-based conceptual design.

  • FormIt 360
    Intuitive 3D sketching app with native Revit interoperability.
  • FormIt 360 Pro
    All the power of FormIt 360 plus the Windows app, collaboration, and analysis features.
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Fuzor is a multifaceted software with the power to take your project from the conceptual design phase all the way through construction and facilities management. It is a VR solution, a 4D scheduler, a visualizer, an analysis tool, and much more.
5 versions available: VDC, Construction, Ultimate, Design Synergy and BIM Solution. Contact us to find out which version best fits your needs.

  • AEC Workflow Solution
    Explore and modify your design in 2D and 3D space. Combine your system models and site data together for seamless site coordination, visual inspection and validation. Then bring your team together inside your model and communicate design issues in real time.
  • VDC
    Fuzor simplifies and enhances traditional VDC practices. Quickly and easily generate walkable site models and 4D simulations from your live project files. Clearly and accurately convey your build process and simulate site logistics without tearing apart your schedule to do it.
  • Turn Key VR Enter your design in VR with no additional set up required. Just plug in your device and click Virtual Reality. It’s that simple.
Managed file transfer for the enterprise

EFT™ from Globalscape® is an advanced, powerful managed file transfer (MFT) solution that replaces insecure legacy FTP servers, inflexible and haphazard home-grown file transfer systems, slow physical shipment of data, and expensive leased lines and VANs.

  • Merge or replace legacy file transfer systems
    EFT provides secure file sharing and mobile access solutions to give flexibility to employees, customers, and partners—and gives you control of data security.
  • Track file movement from beginning to end
    Our Enhanced File Transfer™ (EFT™) is designed to give you unparalleled visibility across every aspect of managed file transfer, with a real-time status viewer and a reporting module that combines granular detail with remarkable ease of use.
  • Scale your managed file transfer solution as your business grows
    Adapt to increasing business demands with a scalable managed file transfer solution.

Cloud-based energy-analysis software

Green Building Studio® energy-analysis software enables architects and designers to perform whole-building analysis, optimize energy consumption, and work toward carbon-neutral building designs earlier in the process.

  • Whole-building energy analysis
    Account for all of the energy-using systems in a building to understand energy cost projections that inform design decisions and financial analyses.
  • Detailed weather data
    Green Building Studio gives you access to over a million virtual weather stations that are compiled from a variety of trusted sources.

A Comprehensive pack of healthcare families for Revit

Bypass the hundreds of hours required to create properly configured medical content for Revit. The Healthcare Productivity Pack has all the families you need for designing accurate and intelligent medical systems.

  • A Comprehensive pack of healthcare families for Revit
    The Healthcare Productivity Pack has all the families you need for designing accurate and intelligent medical systems.
  • Save Time
    Includes over 400 parametric families, 32 typical room configurations and shared parameters allow efficient scheduling
  • Revit Compatibility
    The Healthcare Productivity Pack works with all versions of Autodesk Revit software from 2011 through the most current version available.

Make it with Maya

Bring your imagination to life with Maya® 3D animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software. Maya helps artists tell their story with one fast, creative toolset.

  • Render Setup
    Quickly render and manage complex scenes with the new Render Setup. It brings a modern approach to adding shot-based overrides to scenes that already work with your favorite renderer.
  • Shape Authoring workflow (enhanced)
    Art-direct character rigs with a more complete workflow. Use the new Pose Space Deformation toolset, Blendshape UI, and enhanced Blend Shape Deformer to produce the results you want, more precisely and easily.
  • Motion Graphics toolset
    Easily create beautiful effects and animations with instanced objects. This new toolset is based on the MASH procedural animation toolset, and is fully integrated into Maya.

MSI provides mobile solutions for the AEC industry

MSI products coming soon!

Digital Painting and Sculpting Software

Mudbox® digital painting and sculpting software provides 3D artists with an intuitive and tactile toolset for creating and modifying 3D geometry and textures.

  • Digital sculpting tools
    Get fast, smooth, accurate results.
  • Paint directly onto 3D models
    True 3D painting across multiple channels.
  • Advanced retopology tools
    Create clean, production-quality meshes.

Project Review Software for AEC Professionals

Navisworks® project review software products enable architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to holistically review integrated models and data.

  • Gain control over construction projects
    Navisworks® tools enable coordination, construction simulation, and whole-project analysis for integrated project review. Some Navisworks products include advanced simulation and validation tools.
  • Clash detection and interference checking
    Helps anticipate and reduce problems before construction.
  • Dedicated Clash Detection tool
    Detect, identify, and manage clashes more effectively.

Project Review Software for AEC Professionals

Navisworks® project review software products enable architecture, engineering, and construction professionals to holistically review integrated models and data.

  • Gain control over construction projects
    Navisworks® tools enable coordination, construction simulation, and whole-project analysis for integrated project review. Some Navisworks products include advanced simulation and validation tools.
  • BIM coordination with AutoCAD
    Open Navisworks files within AutoCAD.
  • Model file and data aggregation
    Combine design and construction data in one model.

Panzura Products Collapse All Tiers of Enterprise File Storage to the Cloud

Panzura delivers cloud-integrated local NAS capabilities to a globally-distributed enterprise, allowing storage capacity to be centrally located, managed, and protected/td>

Panzura imag3e

  • Panzura Global File System
    The Panzura Global File System simply works without users or administrators having to do anything – files can be browsed, opened, and edited as needed, regardless of where they were created or last accessed.
  • Panzura Controller
    The Panzura Controller is a premium on-premise appliance that acts as the interface to the Panzura Global File System.

Reality Capture and 3D Scanning Software

ReCap 360™ offers software services for 3D projects, seamlessly bridging the gap between laser scans or UAV photos and the broader Autodesk design portfolio.

  • Import scans in various formats
    ReCap 360 supports text-based formats, as well as formats from all major 3D laser scanner manufacturers. Import 3D laser scans into a ReCap native data format for preparation and use in Autodesk design suites.
  • Import rectilinear photos
    Fly in ReCap 360 Pro supports rectilinear cameras and lenses. It also supports fish-eye lenses in select GoPro cameras.
  • A360 sharing and collaboration
    ReCap 360 Pro integrates fully with the A360 platform. A specific dashboard enables users to view laser scan or UAV photo projects for easier navigation.

Make the move to 3D BIM software

Revit LT™ software is a simplified 3D BIM tool that helps you produce high-quality 3D architectural designs and documentation in a coordinated, model-based environment.

  • A single, coordinated model
    Design revisions update for every view.
  • Improve design efficiency
    A coordinated, 3D model-based environment automatically manages design changes.
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Illustrate Your Point With Screencast

Show your ideas, spread the word, or share knowledge with a video.

  • Keystrokes
    Tracks your keystrokes and shows them in the video.
  • Mouse movement and clicks
    Displays mouse movement and mouse button clicks in a large, easy-to-follow graphic.
3D Visualization Software Brings Design to Life

Showcase® 3D visualization and 3D presentation software provides easy-to-use presentation and design exploration tools for architects, designers, engineers, and marketing professionals

  • Do more with AutoCAD and Inventor
    Launch Showcase 3D visualization software from AutoCAD-based software to create rendered 3D scenes. Launch from Inventor software to create animated digital prototypes.
  • Publish Revit views
    Import native Revit files, and select a specific Revit view for visualization.
  • Showcase everywhere
    Publish scenes and use A360 for web and mobile viewing and sharing.

Complete Painting and Drawing Software

SketchBook® drawing app and painting software helps digital artists and illustrators design with professional-grade perspective tools and an intuitive user interface.

  • Flipbook animation toolset*
    Create simple animations with intuitive workflows.
  • Familiar tools and brush types
    Choose from more than 100 illustration tools.
  • Custom colors and more*
    Create and save your own colors.

3D Game Engine and Real-time Rendering Software

Use the Stingray engine to create 3D games, real-time design visualizations, and stunning virtual reality experiences.

  • Game engine and design visualization software
    See videos of the Stingray engine, including 3D game creation tools, design visualization, real-time 3D rendering, and virtual reality support.
  • 3D rendering in real time
    Create stunning real-time visuals of your design.
  • Data-driven core architecture
    A flexible core design makes projects scale easily.

Available in 4 Different Versions

Extensions, Homebuilder Suite, Pro and Advanced are the 4 different versions available. Contact us to find out which version best fit your needs.

  • MWF CNC Modules
    Export your wall, floor and truss information directly into a format readable by your company’s light gauge roll former or automated wood saw.
  • MWF Advanced for Wood
    MWF Advanced Floor for Wood takes MWF Pro Floor a step further by adding engineering capability. The program manages the load definition and distribution, overall floor system analysis in order to establish individual member loads and end conditions.
  • MWF Pro Wall
    MWF Pro Wall’s user-defined software automate stud placement, create custom framings, model details such as kickers, connectors, sheathing layouts and more in your project’s walls.