New Software Development Capabilities

CTC is proud to announce that we have expanded our development capabilities to now include:
Autodesk Forge
AutoCAD plug-ins
Sketchup plug-ins
.Net/C# and Windows Presentation Foundations (WPF)
Microsoft Prism Framework (MVVM frameworks)
ASP.NET, Database SQL and Angular/React UI Frameworks

CTC has grown our software development department, to include additional technologies and frameworks which allows us to create more software for you in more ways.


Autodesk Forge: Autodesk’s cloud-based development tools allow accessing your BIM 360 Docs and Team files programmatically, or provide services for your files such as converting them between formats.

AutoCAD plug-ins: Our expertise in writing Revit and Civil 3D add-ins has expanded to include the ability to write plug-ins for standard AutoCAD as well.

Sketchup plug-ins: If your environment also includes Sketchup, we can write add-ins for it!


If you are interested in purchasing the source code from us for your custom software, the following platforms and architectures are now available:

.NET C# using Windows Presentation Foundation: This provides more modern looking user interfaces.

Microsoft Prism Framework (MVVM frameworks): This model allows a clearer separation of business logic from the user interface, making it easier to put multiple user interfaces in front of your logic (Windows, web, etc.)

ASP.NET: This provides a web basted interface for web browsers SQL Database: These are the engines that can store large amounts of data and provide the ability to query that data in different ways.

Angular/React UI Frameworks: Angular is a large JavaScript library that is maintained mostly by Google which makes it easy to build single-page web applications (SPAs). React is also a JavaScript library that is maintained mostly by Facebook and Instagram that is smaller and focuses on building user interfaces. Extend your technology to produce customized solutions. Create plug‐ins, integrate Autodesk technology into existing workflows and enterprises, and customize your existing Autodesk software.

We follow a simple process for software development service.

Contact a sales representative through our toll free phone number or through our website. Your inquiry will then be reviewed by our software development team.

Our sales representative will contact you with detail information on the next step after consulting with our software development team. Contact us today.