CTC’s UAV/Drone Services combine the innovation of aerial photo/video capturing drones and Autodesk software to give clients vantage points from the sky, quality control and 3D aerial footprints. Using this service, clients can canvas the entire project site for mapping the site orientation and construction progress. With our skilled representative maneuvering trees, buildings and other obstacles, the drone can capture videos and pictures of your building in high definition and also collect a multitude of aerial photos in one flight.

Our UAV / Drone Services Procedure

  • Contact CTC or request a quote.
  • A sales representative will contact you with detailed quote information and set up a meeting day with you.
  • The CTC Drone Pilot will contact any local air traffic control facilities or request FAA waivers, as needed, to safely perform the service.
  • The CTC Drone Pilot will arrive at the site and fly the drone while capturing aerial photographs and / or high resolution video.
  • The photographs are then stitched together to generate an orthographic image or a point cloud of the site or building, which can then be brought into Civil 3D or Revit.
  • The aerial photographs are geotagged so resulting models can be brought into Infraworks in real world coordinates.
  • A general estimated time for this process is about a week.
UAV / Drone Products

CTC has partnered with 3DR, North America’s largest commercial drone manufacturer, to bring you cutting-edge drone technology. 3DR has created technologies and professional tools for commercial, government and consumer applications alike.

The 3DR Solo captures cinematic aerial video with the GoPro or can generate ultra high resolution 2D and 3D georeferenced maps and models with the Sony R10C (available in July, 2016).

Site Scan is 3DR’s premier aerial analytics platform for reality capture and cloud analysis. Site Scan includes the Solo drone, Sony tablet with app, and unlimited access to the 3DR cloud. Plan your mission and the Solo drone automatically takes off, collects data, returns home, and lands safely. Your data is automatically uploaded to the 3DR and Autodesk 360 cloud and can be quickly accessed in any Autodesk software. Request a quote today!